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Aston Martin

Once a tuner places a spanner anyhere near a manufacturer’s car the warranty is torn up, we know that. But here’s a few facts about Aston Martin that maybe you didn’t know...As in DB9 the DB stands for David Brown, once owner of the company. And, during filming of Casino Royale the stunt team couldn’t make the DBS flip even after hitting a ramp.

A few years ago you couldn’t give an Aston Martin away. The company in the heart of the English countryside was a cottage industry, churning out a meagre twenty five DB7s in 1994 and it took them two more years to hit one thousand. Today Aston Martin are producing 6500 cars, a massive increase and an indication of demand.

Some of those cars are being bought by tuners eager to make a killing on the back of the brand. This particular Vanquish S has been through the Mansory treatment. Vanquish S, tradition and an association with high end luxury is without a doubt the admiral of the Aston Martin family.

Mansory have added an aerodynamic body kit made from carbonfibre trims. The front grille has been altered as have the Brembo brakes. The Mansory light alloy range for the ex-Vanquish consist the gigantic fully forged aluminium leightweight performance 20-inch wheels.

The rear design shows the apron with an gigantic integrated carbon dif the rear trunk lid spoiler which supports the dynamic contact pressure. The chromed details are the new designed exhausts, chrome stripes for the trunk and rounded fully chromed trims for the tail light rims.

Also new for the Vanquish are the extra large anodized aluminium air outtakes are on the engine bonnet, topping-off the exterior look. The suspension has been lowered with sport performance springs, the complete vehicle comes down by 25mm ( approx.: 1 inch).

For the lucky few who sit in the inside of the car there is are colored sporty leather combinations for seats, door covers and the dashboard.

As a matter of course beside the steering wheel in carbon fibre trim, similar to the Vantage and DB9, is a 3-part set of aluminium pedals and brake handle.

Mansory are under pressure from the manufacturers because the likes of Bentley and Aston Martin don’t really appreciate what the tuners do to their cars. So who knows, maybe cars like these will be collector’s items in the future as steps are taken to stop the tuners.


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