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Cayenne GTS Peridot?


Peridot? What colour is Peridot?...

it’s one of those you don’t automatically associate with a car let alone a Porsche and an SUV crossover at that, ‘an original Olivine precious mineral which is rather rare with a hint of gold.’ A description I came across which describes the GTS down to a tee.

The GTS I was given to test drive certainly had heads turning, not just because of the colour but the sound that emanates from under the hood is a rare thing. The car literally growls at you with its 4.8L V8 producing 420hp and 380lb-ft of torque. It achieves 0-100kph in 5.7 seconds and boy is it fun getting there.

I quote one of my colleagues who was a passenger at the time, ‘you want to keep slowing down just so you can speed up again!’

With matching Peridot trim (optional) the inside is equally impressive, bright olivine GTS logo’s sketched into black headrests and seats armed with matching seatbelts are eye catching and fit the character of the car, which is Porsche quality with that all important vigour thrown in for the days when you just want to be a bit feral. And that is the gold element of this car, it is incredibly practical and comfortable for everyday use, but when you want to up the ante, jab it into sports mode and the car stiffens and snaps like a spinnaker catching the wind, whilst shouting at you through the ‘Sound Symposer’ which channels engine intake noise into the interior.

The GTS is available in the UAE from 343,600-/Dhs, Though fully loaded, you’re looking at around a cool half-a-million, but I would say it’s worth it for a car which performs to suit any mood, be it driving the family around or driving it for the sheer pleasure of driving.

By Emily Paton


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