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Mercedes Benz -2018 upgraded
Mercedes Benz -2018 upgraded
Mercedes Benz -2018 upgraded
Mercedes Benz -2018 upgraded
Mercedes Benz -2018 upgraded

    Mercedes Benz -2018 upgraded

    Dhs. 105,000.00

    Mercedes Benz G500 in very good condition. German Specs Model 2001 upgraded to 2018 internal and external at Arman Garage. Electronic Gear. white color with red interior. Recently done major service cost of 39000 AED. Totally accident free car with original factory paint. Anti rust coating. Top of the line trim with all features. No issues at all just buy, drive and enjoy. The car has new Michelin tyres.

    Service done at silber arrows:

    1. Front headlights wiring repair

    2. Rubber belows for 2 front half shafts replaced

    3. Replace lower bearings on transverse control arm of front axle

    4. All bearings for stabiliser bar on 1st vehicle axle

    5. Replace bearings for all trailing arms

    6. Replace link rods for both rear stabiliser bar

    7. Crankshaft radial seal at rear on output end replaced

    8. Cylinder head covers sealed

    9. Spark plug replaced

    10. V belt guide pulley replaced

    11. Front and rear window wiper blades

    12. Front window Washer fluid pump replaced

    13. Holder for exhaust system

    14. Propeller shaft from transmitting to transfer case replaced

    15. Transmission package

    16. Wheel housing panel on left side

    17. Replace lower steering pump

    18. Mass air flow sensor replaced

    19. Kickdown switch replaced

    20. Oil dip stick replaced

    21. Intake manifold gasket on cylinder head replaced

    22. All bushing for engine mount replaced

    23. Hydraulic brake system fluid replaced

    مرسيدس بنز G500 بحالة ممتازة. وارد ألمانيا موديل ٢٠٠١ محدث ٢٠١٨ داخلية وخارجي عند كراج أرمن "أبو غيث". جير الكتروني. لون أبيض داخلية أحمر. صيانة شاملة للسيارة عند سلبر أروز بتكلفة ٣٩٠٠٠ درهم. السيارة بدون حوادث وبصبغة الوكالة. عازل ضد الصدا. كامل المواصفات رقم واحد. بدون مشاكل. اشتري واستمتع بقيادتها. راكب على السيارة ٤ تواير متشلين جديدة.