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Barracuda Racing Wheels Tzunamee EVO
Barracuda Racing Wheels Tzunamee EVO
Barracuda Racing Wheels Tzunamee EVO

    Barracuda Racing Wheels Tzunamee EVO

    Dhs. 6,000.00

     Barracuda Racing Wheels

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    The VW Golf is not just the epitome of the compact class, it is also the original hot hatch.

    The arrival of the first GTI in 1974 instilled fear in a fair few supposedly superior sports cars.

    And although the original meaning of the Golf label had become lost, it has since been restored to its former glory.

    Various special models of the GTI with over 310hp of power have emerged over the years, and what they all have in common is their popularity in the VW tuning scene.

    Barracuda Racing Wheels has just added the trendy Tzunamee EVO wheel for the sporty Golf to its range of products.

    It measures 8.5x19” and comes with 225/35R19tires.

    What makes these silver-painted rims so special is the fact that the V-shaped branches at the ends of the five spokes are all brushed.

    The Tzunamee EVO rims look particularly impressive here because they are combined with air suspension systems that reduce ground clearance to a minimum.

    To round it all off, Carazzle are offering power upgrades, sports exhaust systems and other accessories - Whats App 0044 7468607739 for info.