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Description- KLASSEN ®

Our customers

We know you are special people. Aesthetics, luxury and perfection are the things that you value in every respect and which you attach great importance to.
Your flawless taste as well as a life full of success leaves others astonished. You know your goals exactly, as well as the ways to reach them, because compromises are not accepted.
Your style speaks for itself and each of your performances leaves a lasting impression because you are surrounded by uniqueness.
The vehicle is part of your philosophy - and we share it with you!

Our abilities

The modern world is full of challenges for those who are ready to accept them.
We love our art - to create exclusive premium vehicles that are unachievable to many.
We are confident and are not afraid of competition because we know what we are capable of. We will help you to find the perfect vehicle for you.
KLASSEN® not only offers tuning programs from the world's best brands, but also design your own customized vehicle.

Our values

You can not succeed if you rely on a questionable belief.
Our priority - a strong foundation on which to build our work.
What do we consider important? Respect for tradition and daring experiments. A passion for innovation, attention to detail and an individual concept as well as professionalism of the individual team members.

goes with its innovations and its
Quality management to the forefront of the industry.

KLASSEN ® | Provides 20 years of experience in the development,
planning and production of V.I.P cars.
Both the materials used by us as well as their processing satisfy
all certificates.

KLASSEN ® is your partner for highly customized Vans, Cars and Coaches.
Our customers are unique and passionate gourmets,
who appreciate highest quality, personalized service and have passion for detail.

Our highly qualified specialists merge the
outstanding materials with state-of-the-art production methods
to unmatched safe and aesthetic vehicles.

You can reach us at the following number:

Mr. Samuel Klassen
​Chief Operating Officer |
+49 172 857 45 05

Mr. Nikolay Romanchuk
​Sales VIP | Head of Export
Phone: +49 172 85745 03
German | English l Russian

Telefon: + 49 571 39 8001 - 12
Fax: +49 571 39 8001 - 10
Email: samuel@klassen.de
Homepage: www.klassen.de

Creation date- 23 Nov 2016

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