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A Modern Classic


When being faced with the privilege of driving such a well-bred machine, I felt it was entirely necessary to arrive looking like I was up to standard. 

With an outfit to rival any catwalk model and a Prada handbag that matched the St James’ Red paintwork, I then felt I was worthy of sliding behind the ever-so elegant wheel of the Bentley GTC V8. While it can be hard to stand out on the roads of Dubai with such a high prevalence of luxury cars to be seen on a daily basis, the aristocratic beauty of the Bentley turns heads wherever it goes. Of course this could be because I have the 4-layer insulated roof down and the 8 speaker surround sound being put to the test.

While the car weighs in at a hefty 2.5 tonnes, the 500bhp that can be teased from the 4.0 litre V8 makes the car feel more like a ballerina, gliding and pirouetting with infinite ease.  Even the ubiquitous challenge of parking is a snap with a fabulous rear camera view and good turning circle.  Despite its regal appearance and upper-class demeanour, every Bentley still has the heart and soul of a race car. So while it is not entirely necessary to continually search for all 500 of those bhp’s, when you do feel the need to give this thoroughbred its head, it will get you to 100kph in 5 seconds with a soundtrack straight out of Le Mans. 

The styling of the car still manages to maintain very classic lines but with modern touches of LED day lights and beautiful figure of 8 tailpipes. It’s hard to appreciate the exterior personality of a car once you’re in the driving seat but in the Bentley you can enjoy the Marilyn-esque curves through the rear view mirrors.

The interior of the car is breathtaking in its quality and finish and has the unmistakable Bentley pedigree visible in every detail.  From the flawless hide to the eucalyptus wood it is immaculately presented.  Though I do find the digital display amongst the dashboard dials to be somewhat out of place and disappointing to look at when checking my speed. The gearshift paddles also seem unnecessarily large and obtrusive sticking out behind the wheel like oversized ears.  

The rear of the car is a little snug for the average-sized adult and children might feel claustrophobic as it is a long way up for them to see out of the window.  So best to keep the roof down if you’re chauffeuring passengers around.

Despite the advertising that I’ve seen, sadly, Mr Beckham does not come as an optional extra with this car. However, I have enjoyed my own celebrity status that has come with driving this car, including the kisses blown at me from other admiring motorists. I now need to perfect my royal wave and perhaps buy a brace of corgies as I don’t think I’ll be giving back the Bentley.



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