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BMW Z4 Coupe


BMW has not compromised on the Sports ethos of the Z4. It is the complete package. First impressions are important with a sports car; let's face it you're not going to buy the Z4 for practical reasons. In this respect the Z4 is a Sports car masterclass and first lesson is ”The Look”.

Our test car had a matte silver paint job and this extenuated the sculptured shape of the Z4 masterly finish to a new classic. The shape is original and flawlessly executed in a combination of flowing curves. You won't see anything else like it on the roads of Dubai as this isn't a “safe” stick with the crowd design.

There are bold “cuts” running through the length of the bonnet and sweeping down the base with strategically placed counter strokes extrapolating the line of the roof.

The rear has not been compromised by practicality but rather the highlights the cars spots pedigree - sleek and perfectly proportioned. The front features BMW's un-mistakable twin kidney grille and bulbous hood faultlessly balances the rear profile. Finally the rear tail lights glower menacingly at any car that can get close enough to see them.

The overall impression is of some prowling muscular big cat or poised sprinter waiting for the gun to fire. The big cat analogy is further confirmed by the throaty growl when you turn the ignition.

If we fell for the exterior we fell into the seats, a long drop into a plush bucket seat. The rich red leather is combined with a myriad of adjustment options and a surprising generous amount of leg room for a “tiny” car.

This is a serious driver's car and the instrument panel and entertainment unit are appropriately spartan in layout and features. Brushed metal trimmings and black and silver instrument panels are arranged with readability and accessibility in mind. The steering wheel is thick and may cause a little trouble with gear changes and instrument access with female drivers' smaller hands.

Another pleasant surprise is the spaciousness of the boot; it can hold a decent-sized piece of luggage in or even the weekly shopping with no trouble at all.

There is no idrive (the entertainment and GPS access knob found in other BMWs) in the Z4 but this is not such a bad thing in the cockpit of this racer but we needed to crack the manual for such simple procedures as setting radio stations. The entertainment and auxiliary controls could be better handled.

On the road there are no corners in this fair country that can challenge the Z4. It is more than capable of handling any twist and turn we can find. Probably not the fastest sports car in a straight comparison with its rivals, it more than makes up for this by being a sheer pleasure to drive. In normal traffic it again proved more than adequate and the suspension is forgiving enough to handle the lumps and ruts that you will inevitably meet travelling around the UAE.

If you are looking for something to show off and have AED195,000 to spare, this is where you should spend it!



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