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Fiat 500c GQ Edition


The world’s second favourite magazine (behind Auto Trader of course) GQ, specifically British GQ, have joined forces with Fiat to collaborate on the iconic Fiat 500.  

Showing that the combination of cars and cities can produce excellent results, GQ shot the 500 in one of the coolest cities, LA. 

What happens when you combine Italian sense of style with GQ’s authority on todays trends? The new Fiat 500c GQ Edition showcases the design talents of the Fiat brand and when fused with GQ, the result is a Cinquecento that reflects an athletic yet style-conscious lifestyle, world-class Italian think of a hand-tailored tuxedo as we take you behind the scenes of this GQ-inspired photo shoot in and around LA, California.

While the Fiat 500 might be iconic, it is more aimed at the fairer sex than the masculine readers of GQ. The more manly vehicle would be the elegant metallic two-tone grey/black livery version, illuminated by the orange logo details, imprinted on to the door pillar and on the wheel hubs.  Style is the silvery outline of the liner sticker and the new 16” rims.

The interior of the little car provides the perfect blend of exclusive personality and comfort. Every detail exudes sophisticated style and dynamism: the sporty steering wheel with infotainment controls, the high tech dashboard, the soft Frau black leather seats with contrasting stitching, the brushed aluminium pedal unit.  The intense black upholstery is embellished by the bright orange embossed logos and by the indicators on the instrument panel.

London, Los Angeles or Dubai, this 500 is bound to be on every collector’s wish list.




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