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Local Motors

Auto Trader has recently been introduced to the mighty Rally Fighter, the most brutal and insane Road Legal Vehicle we have come across so far. 

I am a big fan of extreme sports and in my time I have driven all types of extreme buggies, quads, 4x4’s and nothing comes close to what I experienced behind the wheel of the Rally Fighter. On our way out into the desert, other motorists nearly crashed their cars and pedestrians were falling over kerbs whilst searching for their camera phones. Judging by the look on their faces they were obviously trying to figure out what the hell they were looking at! 

With Local Motors only bringing two cars to the UAE, just to give us a taste of the Rally Fighter, it comes as no surprise that this rare car attracts such interest.

The Rally Fighter delivers a menacing appearance on the road, complete with a demonic soundtrack, thanks to the 6.2-litre, LS3 E-Rod engine from GM. This all-aluminum V8 delivers 430bhp. While perfectly capable on tarmac, this car’s natural habitat is off-road and once in the desert, it really comes alive! The Kevlar reinforced Goodyear MTR tyres give the best possible protection against random objects in the sand, a.k.a. cinder blocks from old campfires. A vital feature, as there is little time to scan for debris as you take full advantage of the 18-20 inch suspension travel, going full throttle and literally flying over blind ridges ahead. All this can be enjoyed from the comfort of the air-conditioned, dust-free cockpit, unlike conventional buggies. 

The Rally Fighter is designed and built by Local Motors in Arizona USA and leads next generation, crowd-sourcing automotive design, incorporating the latest technology to create game changing vehicles. 


Engine: 6.2-litre V8, producing 430bhp 

Transmission: Four speed automatic, rear-wheel drive 

Performance: Top speed 225kph

Weight: 1723kg

Price: $100,000 – 135,000 (Ex-Factory USA)

Follow the link to see the Rally Fighter in action

For more info, visit





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