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Maserati is desperately still fighting its demons that are based on consumer's preconceptions of the Italian’s brands history. Under the Fiat umbrella since 1993 Maserati is, like its sister brand Alfa Romeo, renowned for building beautiful sports cars whose owners cross their fingers every time the key is turned in the ignition. Add more fear into the equation thanks to motors for a convertible roof and you need to cross more than fingers.

Open top driving is perfect for our region's cool winters so when news of two new Maserati convertibles arrived at Auto Trader towers we crossed our fingers and hoped for Italian chic designs.

The new GranCabrio Sport (red) has completely revamped exteriors and a more powerful engine. Visually there is a new front bumper with redesigned profile to enhance aesthetics and functionality and new headlights. Along with an upgraded suspension the new, even more powerful V8 engine up by 10-bhp making the sprint to 100km/h in just 5.0 seconds.

The white car is the Maserati GranCabrio MC,designed to complete Maserati's open-top range.48 millimetres longer than the GranCabrio and GranCabrio Sport, it is characterised by a front-end which is inspired directly by the MC Stradale. Compared to other cabrios this front end is 10%lower and even the rear is 25% lower thanks to the designers tipping a hat to the racing heritage.

To distinguish this car in the market the bonnet incorporates two generous air outlets at the centre to optimise cooling of the powerful V8, and two more air outlets to cool down the brake discs have also been added to the two front wings.

The GranCabrio MC also adopts the new4.7-litre V8 engine, which delivers 460 HP but is 0.1seconds faster to 100-kph. We’re sure you'll agree,as expected, Maserati's two new chop tops looks incredibly appealing - we're yet to drive one so we'll keep you posted on how that pans out!



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