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‘Of all the CUV’s I have driven this is the one that for me ticks all the boxes.’ 

Now as a car journalist, I obviously have my favourites, to be fair they are normally the Porsches, Bentley’s and Jaguars of this world the little sporty hatchbacks and the rear wheel drive drifters. 

So, when Mazda asked me to test drive the CX 9, I can’t say I was champing at the bit, but to date I have never had a bad run in a Mazda and so I picked the car up with a cheerful expression on my face and a hopeful frame of mind.

I wasn’t disappointed, of all the CUV’s I have driven this is the one that for me ticks all the boxes. It was the little things, the attention to detail and Mazda’s ability to put their finger on it that got to me.  A comfortable driving position is key, these big CUV’s often do not put the driver in a high enough position, in the CX 9 an eight way power adjustment does exactly that. In the back you don’t just get cup holders but four big 1 litre bottle holders as well (we do live in a desert after all!). The DVD unit is ceiling mounted (thus avoiding kicks and boisterous antics and there is a 115v auxillary jack for games consoles with extra cargo space to stash said entertainment systems. It has been well thought out and its components strategically placed for the best results.

The engine is a 3.7 litre V6 providing 273bhp and it does it extremely well, the car handles like, well a car, not a mini-van. There is hardly any roll and the driving experience is one of smooth and effortless calm which seems to permeate the cabin and stays there throughout the journey. You feel like you are in a luxurious but nimble bubble, which is responsive and easy to drive for hours and then some more.

Conclusion: Fantastic drive, excellent value for money (starting from 114,000AED), great attention to family detailing.

By Emily Paton



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