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Mercedes SL500 NOT JUST FOR BOYS...


According to urban legend, women can’t drive. We also cannot reverse park, we know nothing about cars and mirrors are only for make-up application. Urban legend is an idiot.

While I admit there are some women that do let the team down in this respect, some of the fairer sex has, in fact, had a love affair with the automobile from the moment they were old enough to drive!

So after much negotiating, and with a healthy dash of trepidation on his part, the boss (and Mercedes-Benz Middle East) agreed to let me, a woman, test-drive the beautiful Mercedes SL500.

Having owned many 2-seater sports cars in the past, one of them being the ubiquitous SLK, I was extremely excited to get behind the wheel of this iconic car. If car advertisers are to be believed, I should be looking at a Boxster or another SLK. Something small and manageable for my delicate sensibilities and leave the high-powered big boys toys to the men. The advertisers need to reboot their thinking because now, as a professional and more mature (ahem) woman, I’m looking for something more grown-up and refined to show off in (you read me right, it’s not just the guys that like to preen).

As I clunked the door closed and nestled myself in luxury comfort, my first order of business was to get the roof down. What about your hair, I hear you say. It is a crime to own a convertible and not have the roof down at every possible moment, come rain or shine. I want to feel the wind in my locks, so to hell with the ‘do’, it’s nothing a bottle of serum and a good sturdy brush can’t sort out. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the electric wind deflector as I arrived at my destination only mildly tousled.

‘Despite being a larger car, the SL is a joy to drive’

Despite being a larger car, the SL is a joy to drive. The 4.6 litre V8 eagerly awaits being put through its paces and is extremely prompt to respond to the urging of my stiletto-clad right foot. The delicious sound of the engine as you climb up the rev counter elicits excitement on par with buying your first Louis. It handles perfectly and can be maneuvered with the accomplished ease you come to expect from a Mercedes-Benz. There’s no need for nerves when parking either, the sensors make reverse parking a snap, even for the most spatially challenged.

For those women lucky enough to be considered weapons of massive consumption, the ample boot space can easily accommodate even the Olympic standard of shoppers amongst you. I was extremely thorough in testing this aspect of the SL!

‘It is the ultimate statement accessory’

Ladies, if you are looking to own a convertible that will give you virtual celebrity status on the roads but is still manageable and practical, the SL500 is what you should be treating yourself to. It is the ultimate statement accessory that every girl about town should aspire to possessing.

Room in the boot for those all important shopping bags.



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