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THE MERCEDES ML HAS BEEN A great seller since its first appearance in Jurassic Park. Since then, unlike the dinosaurs, the ML has evolved on to its third generation. Carlsson, a serious tuner who specialises in Mercedes vehicles and is also represented in the UAE by Prestige Cars Abu Dhabi, has taken the new ML a few steps up the evolution scale.

Carlsson’s aerodynamic package for the Mercedes ML creates a more purposeful and confident look for the CML Royale REVOX, with wider wheel arches emphasising the sporty side of this SUV.

The front spoiler and chrome-plated grille with the Carlsson horse symbol give the car a more aggressive face, with LED daytime running lights that can also be operated as running lights at night. These, and the extra fog and driving lights give the car a distinctive look, day or night.

At the rear, a new apron features cutouts for the four oval tailpipes of the sports exhaust. All Carlsson aero parts are manufactured from high-quality PUR-RIM and are straightforward to paint and fit.

The upgrades offered by Carlsson actually end up at 625hp and 840Nm of torque, which enables an acceleration of 4.4 seconds from 0-100km/h and an electronically limited topspeed of 300km/h on base of the Mercedes-Benz ML63 (500hp and 680Nm of torque on Base of the ML500, 4.6 seconds from 0-100km/h and an electronically limited top speed of 270km/h).

Carlsson’s version of the Mercedes ML - performance and good looks - not a dinosaur in sight. 

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