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TRUCK STOP: THE Mercedes Benz Arocs Truck


The Dubai summer time is perfect for future planning. As so many dads are left to fight off the Middle East heat they naturally congregate together and can be seen in large groups around watering holes.

Here the male of the species replicates an act that happens every year around the same time. Most wildlife experts will compare the huge populations of worker humans to the march of the wildebeests across the African plains.

It is around these watering holes that the men discuss the most important issues for the future of the race. Hot topics can include migration - renting a villa in Brazil for the world cup and is 

Spain’s passing style way too boring. Survival is also discussed and the best deals on take-away food while the females are away.

Promises are also made to visit other watering holes in far flung destinations such as the Campe Nou or Old Trafford. Camping expeditions are planned, with the family in a new vehicle. This is where Auto Trader can help, imagine pulling up to the agreed gas station in this super truck!

There is nothing like seeing your friends’ open mouths as you try to park your new Mercedes-Benz Arocs Truck. No need to worry that there isn’t enough room for the BBQ in this baby!

The fully automated Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmission is normally flange-mounted on the standard-fit Euro VI-compliant BlueTec engine. The selected test vehicle was fitted with the sixteen-gear manual transmission which is available as a cost option, however. This optional manual transmission lends itself to precise operation, thanks to a newly developed shift-by-wire system with noticeably more effective power-assisted gear shifting. The light clutch pedal also plays its part here. You can copy and paste that bit onto your smart phone to impress the anoraks.

The driver operates important assistance systems such as cruise control and the user-definable speed limiter via the multi-function steering wheel and aftermarket DVD for the kids can also be set to play in the rear area exclusively. The rear bed can tip up and down as normal but, to aid the unloading of tents and other camping gear or the wife, the dump truck can deposit sideways. 

Just look at this monster dumper and imagine the family trip to Fossil Rock!



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