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Fast and the Furiouz


Here at Auto Trader we were lucky enough to get our hands on not only the Coupe but the Roadster 370 Z at the same time. Nissan boxed clever with this generation, pitching to the market at a price which puts it within reach of the many rather than few. Close competition lies only in the Toyota 86 which it powers past with its 328bhp 3.7L V6 engine which produces 267lb ft of torque at 5200rpm. Nissan say the car has been developed with their core values in mind - ‘innovation that excites’ so what do the cars give in terms of innovation? Well first off you have the SynchroRev Match which works with the manual transmission to ‘blip’ the throttle to the ideal engine rpm for the smoothest up and down shift changes. In the automatic, a 7-speed transmission provides not-to be-sniffed at acceleration and improved efficiency when cruising at high speeds.

At 1500kg this re-creation of the original 40 year old Nissan Z-car line, is smaller and lighter than its predecessors. Nissan has attempted to remove any areas of poundage by using lightweight carbon-fibre composites and ultra-strong aluminium, this includes the powerful Bose sound system which has itself rid the vehicle of 3.5kg. Now that is real attention to detail and the benefits transmit to improved handling.

Side by side the Roadster and the Coupe are virtually identical apart from understandably slightly differing rear aspects but overall they have a distinctly muscled appearance which makes you want to be seen in them and gives you that feel-good feeling. If I had the choice (and the Dhs) I would plump for the Roadster, I mean who wouldn’t? AC up to it I hear you ask? I had no complaints even in 40 degree heat and with the cooled seats, I couldn’t be blamed for having the top down when most people would be relishing their cooled hard top interiors.


Verdict: With the manual costing little more than a fully-loaded Toyota 86 I think the decision is pretty black and white, I mean why else would the 370 Z’s have graced our screens if they weren’t fast and furious. 



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