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A Cool Wind Blows


The much-loved Scirocco has finally been granted the go ahead from VW to inherit the “R” touch. Even though the Scirocco is built off the Golf platform, it appears fresher and funkier than the Golf and has no problem drawing attention wherever it goes.  After being re-introduced into the European Market in 2008 the demand for the Scirocco increased dramatically and was later shipped out to showrooms in the Middle East

Aside from the stunning contours, low profile and wide arches, there are a few mechanical differences when compared to the Golf R.  The Scirocco’s 2.0-litre turbo gives slightly more power and torque, the power drives the front wheels only and the Scirocco weighs 131 kg less than the Golf R.

Driving the Scirocco on a day-to-day basis is a pleasure and the seats are relatively comfortable, although the door panels and centre console can leave your legs bruised after cornering fast on hard surfaces.  The automatic transmission has a tendency to change up to sixth gear as soon as possible, sometimes making overtaking a difficult task.  However, this can be solved with a few simple down shifts to get back in front.

In hindsight you don’t buy this car to cruise around the streets, this car is for enthusiasts who like high performance, exceptional handling and, most importantly, going fast and the Scirocco certainly ticks all the boxes.  Overall handling of the car is good and very well balanced…Just like a Golf.

The Scirocco R is now on sale in the UAE and prices start at AED159,000. 

Call Al Nabooda Automobiles – Dubai: +971 4 7053333



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