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Now I’ll be honest, when I went to pick up the Passat Sport I wasn’t in the best of moods, the traffic was typically Dubai, it was unseasonably hot and humid and everybody else on the road seemed to have it in for me (you get the picture).

On first glance I have to be truthful the car looked a lot like every other mid range sedan and in blue, it stood out even less. 

Now any car that has the label Sport attached to it appeals to me, but with the Passat I was struggling with Volkswagen’s interpretation of ‘Sport’. I found this hugely surprising considering its other current offerings available on the market.  


The engine is the same as in the base S model, the ‘Sport’ model refers to a Passat with bigger alloys, better positioning seats, an upgraded sound system (Fender)  and partial leather interior. In essence the ‘Sport’ is purely cosmetic.

However, and I may be completely alone in this, I liked it. The fact that the eight seat positioning system put me in exactly the right drivers position is a decision of sheer brilliance to the not average height, be it small or tall amongst us. Yes, it doesn’t have more power than the base model but it very subtly endears itself to the driver whoever he may be. It’s a nice car with unassuming poise. 

Honestly, it shouldn’t have a Sports tag but it should be held in high esteem as the very best that a Passat can be.

Story by Emily Paton



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