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Double take



I had to do a double take at first because I thought this was a new car from Audi.

It steps away from the regualr design of Volvo - not too sure what to make of it to be honest.



Volvo makes its move into the luxury sedan segment with a new model that is, as would be expected, packed with high-tech safety features.



Two innovative features focus on the car riding off the road. Volvo works to prevent that in the first place through Run-off Road Mitigation. This operates at speeds of 40-87 mph and uses the vehicle's own Pilot Assist technology to utilize evasive steering maneuvers and braking to support the driver when the car is in danger of going off-road. If in spite of this, the car does leave the road, the second feature Run-off Road Protection kicks in, which tightens the front seat belts to keep the occupant in position. Volvo has designed the seat fram to deform mechanically to act as a cushion or buffer against vertical forces that arise when landing on a descent.



The Pilot Assist mentioned earlier functions in every day use as a partial form of autonomous driving. Acceleration, braking, and steering are all assisted in order to maintain the safe conditions on either highway or city driving.



City Safety is a feature that warns the driver then brakes automatically if there is a car, motorcycle, truck, bicycle, or bus in front of the car. If the speed difference is less than 31 mph, the car can avoid a collision even if the driver does not react. The same feature works for pedestrians, and can avoid a collision entirely at speeds up to 28 mph, and can slow down the car at speeds up to 44 mph. The same feature can prevent collision with animals at speeds up to 19 mph.



There are several engine options, with the most powerful being a 2 liter inline-4 hybrid that features both turbocharging and supercharging, and produces 401 hp. The diesel versions feature only turbocharging, but have an innovative way to increase low-end torque by drawing on pressurized air from a two-liter tank that is constantly replenished as it is used.






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